Accepted Duas

Jarfar (as-sadiq) ibnu Muhammad an expert in multiple fields,lived during khayrul quroon
once came to madinah and the people of madinah wanted to benefit from his knowledge
He said to them that I am dumbfounded and amazed by four groups of people
Who are unaware of four duas.All four of these duas are mentioned in the Quran
And all four were accepted by Allah.Allah himself says that he accepted these individuals duas after they called upon him,In these situations with these duas

1.the first person is the one who is afflicted and experiencing hardships and difficulties but does not call upon Allah with يا ارحم الراحمين (al-ambiya verse 83,84)
Even though it is mentioned in the Quran regarding Ayyub (as)
Remember Ayyub (as) when he prayed to his Rabb saying indeed I am afflicted with distress
And you are the most merciful of all those who show mercy

The result of this dua we see Allah says
فاستجبنا له فكشفنا ما به من ضر
So we granted his prayer and we recovered him from the ailment

2.the second person is the one who is trapped by grief and depression and does not read the dua Yunus (as) read which is
لا اله الا انت سبحانك أني كنت من الظالمين (al-ambiya verse 87,88)
None has the right to be worshipped except you
Glorified you are
Truly I am from amongst the wrong doers

Allah swt answered his prayer by saying
فالستجبنا له ونجيناه من الغم
So we answered his prayer and removed his distress

3.the third person is who is posed with some type of fear and does not recite the dua which the sahabh (Ra)recited at the time of fear which is
حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل (al-Imran verse 173,174)
Allah is sufficient for is and he is the most excellent guardian

Allah swt responded by saying
فانقلبوا بنعمة من الله وفضل لم يمسسهم سوء
So they returned with the fadhl grace fom Allah and no harm touched them

4.the fourth person who is trapped by an enemies tricks fraud and abuse and does not recite the dua which a believer recited from ال فرعون which is
وافوض امرئ الي الله ان الله بصير بالعباد (al-momin verse 44,45)
I entrust my affair to Allah indeed Allah is the all seer of his slaves

Allah swt responded by saying
فوقه الله سيأتي ما مكروا
So Allah saved him from the evil plot they hatched against him

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