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Iqra is a program launched for the serious student who would like to build a foundation and strengthen existing knowledge pertaining to topics that are essential for his/her Deen. The program is meant for Huffaz Graduates, High School and College Students. Topics covered include courses on Aqeedah, Seerah, Fiqh and Arabic. Students will be enrolled in two courses at a time. Each course length varies upon the class speed and topic covered. Upon completion of the course the student will receive credits. These credits will count towards graduation and if the child/family wishes to pursue higher education in a Madrasah (Alim Program) these credits may be utilized to waive the initial few years.


Course Timings/Hours

6 – 7 PM Monday through Wednesday

** The student will have to spend additional time at home to learn the required course work.


$65/month per student

Courses offered

Aqeedah: AQD 101 (1 credit)

Study of Islamic creed and beliefs. Students will InshaAllah learn how to counter arguments that attack their iman.

Hadith: HAD 101 (1 credit)

Zad al-Talibeen: Students will memorize many ahadith in this book and apply the grammar rules they have learned in Arabic. They will also learn the commentary and explanation of the Ahadith.


• ARB 100 (1 credit)
o 10 Lessons in the Arabic Language (Das Sabaq): Students will ten foundational lessons in

the Arabic language. These lessons will give the students a solid foundation for further

Arabic studies.

• ARB 101 (1 credit): This class will be a mix of two subjects: Sarf (Arabic Morpohology) and Nahw (Syntax)

o Tasheelun Nahw: Students will learn Arabic syntax.

o Foundations of Classical Arabic and Abwaab al-Sarf: Students will learn how to conjugate verbs.

o Tareeqatul Asriya: This is a workbook that helps improve writing and speaking skills. Seerah: SER 101 (1 credit)

Students will study the life or Rasullah (Sa).

Fiqh: FQH 101 (1 credit)

Taleemul Haq: This book gives the student a solid understanding of the fiqh of the five pillars of Islam. Required reading outside of class:

  • Easy Good Deeds by Mufti Taqi Usmani
  • The Value of Time by Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghudda (rh)

For more information for enrollment contact Hafiz Aminul Haq at 313-312-7248 or Dr. Arfaat Khan at 313-399-9923


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