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Quran Hadith Miscellaneous Resources
Quran Explorer – Recite/learn/Memorize/Listen/Tajweed/Translation Saheeh Al Bukhari Books by Imtiaz Ahmed (Founder of Tawheed Center) – Multiple Language/Author Translations,
Tafseer in Arabic, learn/listen
Saheeh Muslim Dr. Zakir Naik
Quran Flash – Mushaf of differnt types (Madinah, Tajweed,
Tafseer, Shamarly, English, Urdu etc.) in flash format
Malik’s Muwatta Yusuf Estes
Quran Download – Download Quran in more than 50
Sunan Abu Dawood (Partial) Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad
Islamway – Quran & islamic ways – Quran recited by more than 275 recitors from various recitors around the world including Haramain Jami Tirmidhi (PDF File) Riyad-us-saaliheen
Quran Tafsir – Tafsir Ibn Kathir with search capabilities Sunan Ibn Majah Stories of the Prophets – Tafsir of Ibn Kathir as in the translated book Hadith Search  Biography of Prophet Muhammad (Imtiaz Ahmed)
Listen to the Quran Quran Search

One thought on “Islamic Resources

  • May 2, 2017 at 7:07 pm

    Please remove Zakir Naik’s references from TC site as he is accused of terrorism in India and currently it seems, he is abscounding and not clearing his name by coming back to India and challenging the Governemnt of India of being not guilty.

    Allah knows the best,



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