Ping Pong Tournament 2019

Tournament Date – 13th April 2019
Time: 7:45 AM


For Singles schedule Click here. Groups 1 and 2 Should Arrive No Later Than 7:55 AM. Groups 3 and 4 should arrive no later than 9:00 AM. Please note the heading on top of the schedule sheet for the group number.

For Doubles Schedule click here. Group 1 Should arrive at 2 PM. Group 2 should arrive no later than 2:45 PM.

People who arrive later than the times mentioned above may be disqualified at the organizers’ discretion.


Click here

2 thoughts on “Ping Pong Tournament 2019

  • April 10, 2019 at 9:23 pm

    Please post a schedule so players will know what time they have to come
    Does not make sense for everybody to show up at the same time
    Please post a table of teams/players and schedule of matches ASAP


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