Poverty and Prosperity

Seven things which cause poverty
1.Praying salat fast
2.Urinating while standing
3.Performing wudhu in same place as relieving oneself
(Places where this is inseparable,is excused)
4.Standing and drinking water
5.Blowing a candle out
(We see many harms in exhaling and blowing over food,as many bacteria is spread,also exhaling into drinking water and blowing over hot food is also harmful)
6.biting ones fingernails
7.wiping the face with ones sleeves

Seven things which help one live a prosperous life
1.Reciting Quran on a regular basis
2.Praying salat five times a day
3.Giving thanks to Allah
4.Helping and assisting the needy
5.Seeking forgiveness for sins committed
6.Behaving nicely with ones parents and relatives
7.Reciting Surah Yasin in the morning and reciting Surah Waqiah in the evening

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