Saturday & Sunday School Registrations Open


Saturday School is a weekend program that is designed to help students aged 5-12 learn the Arabic language. With the exception of Islamic Studies, the classes are taught in Arabic. There is also an Arabic class for non-Arabic speakers in order to help teach them the language. Br. Mahmood, who has over twenty years of teaching experience in Detroit Public Schools, teaches this class.
Classes are held from 10am-3pm.
Contact:Sr. Mayaeda (765) 480-2234

School Registration Form


Sunday School2.0

Tawheed Center of Farmington Hills teaches Sunday School Classes for children 6 and up. Subjects include: Basic Tajweed, Beliefs(Aqaaid), Fiqh(Jurispudence), History, Hadith, Manners and Etiqitte. The program is held from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, followed by Salat-ud-Dhuhr. Pizza lunch is included. Scholarships are available. The registration form is linked below.

Fee: $50 per month

School Registration Form

Contact: For further information, please e-mail Br. Azam Masood at or call @ (312) 307-0355

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